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Dreams, part 4


Dream interpretation Suggestion #2

Okay, so now that you’ve set the stage by providing a notebook in which to record your dream, setting an intention and clearing the space of negative energy, it’s time to fall asleep.  It might take a little time and a great deal of patience, but soon you should begin to remember your dreams.  The more you focus your energy on the task, the more successful you will be.

Once you have a dream logged in your journal, you’ll want to figure out what it means but before you start examining the symbology, take a minute to make a few notes

how did you feel when you woke,

can you remember experiencing any particular sensations either during or following your dream    such as a lingering fragrance or the memory of one,

or a sound, or a feeling like panic, fear, elation, sexual arousal, anxiety, trepidation, etc. 

Also note any emotion you may feel such as insecurity, pride, love, hatred, etc.

Log those responses in your dream journal with the dream.

Also note the day and/or date of each dream, (Thursday, June 9, 2016); birthdays, the dates of significant births or deaths, and life event anniversaries influence what and how we dream so make a note if any exists.

If you have a dream symbol book, this is the time to use it, comparing its symbol interpretations to your own gut feelings.  Now let’s look at a dream and see where it takes us.



Dream:  I walk into a store intending to buy two blue pens.  I pick up two and compare them to a color chart I’ve brought with me making sure the ink is the exact color I want.  When I am sure it is a match, I buy the two pens and leave. 

The dreamer noted no special emotions or sensations upon waking.

 When interpreting a dream, the first thing I do is list all the obvious symbols present:


two pens with blue ink

a color chart

and an intention to find the perfect colored ink.

Then I begin to break symbols apart and reconnect pieces with more detailed information to help define possible meanings.

A store : the designated place to shop for new things.

A pen : an instrument used to express ourselves or to communicate.

The number 2 speaks to either overall balance, or balance within one’s individual situation or perspective, or the kind of balance we carry inside: positive or negative energies, and masculine and feminine energies. How did I know this? I knew it because I researched the meaning of numbers in basic numerology.  Quoting directly from Betty Bethards, The Dream Book, “Each number has a spiritual meaning, a special vibration, a symbolic message to you.”

In dream interpretation it’s important to understand the source of a dreamer’s energy as it pertains to the dream, and part of that is whether the energy is led by masculine or feminine influences.  Identifying that source and understanding its influence on a dreamer’s choices and actions enables him to scrutinize decisions he makes and consider their consequences when applied to issues in waking life.   So it is important to know that masculine energy represents giving, making things happen, and intentionally moving either one way or another, and in its most extreme form can signify a bully approach.

In dreams, and in waking life, masculine energy is most often associated with the right side of the body, so for example, if you are doing something you don’t want to do, you may experience pain or a sense of hesitancy in your right arm or leg.  This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do what you are doing but emphasizes your mental/emotional perceptions.

Feminine energy represents receiving or nurturing and acceptance.  In its most extreme form it can represent stagnation.  Feminine energy is most often associated with the left side of the body.

Different colors represent different depths and levels of personal/spiritual awareness and are associated with the emotions, knowledge, intentions, insights, and energies of both our personal and collective journeys.

Now we have connected a few more dream interpretation dots in hopes of adding clarity in the process of listening and exploring our subconscious mind and its unique messages.

The color blue relates to the spiritual aspects and nature of things. Again, how did I know that?  Well, back to The Dream Book, “Color: Rate of vibration, harmony within your energy field.  The colors have different vibrations, properties, and represent different levels of awareness.”  If you really want to understand a subject, research it.

A color chart reveals the full spectrum of all color, therefore representing all the different possibilities and degrees affecting and/or reflecting one’s journey to self-awareness.

Dreams manifest in storylines within our subconscious minds offering innate intuitive abilities and acquired wisdom to help us better navigate the often complicated details of conscious daily life.  Because we create our own dreams, they most often are about us and not prophecies or predictions concerning others; but like all mysteries of the mind there are few known boundaries, accepting that means we must accept that sometimes we do dream about others, and sometimes we become prophets.

Based on the number 2 we know this dream concerns balance in one way or another, and since there is no one present in the dream except the dreamer, one can assume the dream concerns him alone, although everything we chose affects a myriad of others.

Dream Interpretation:

The energy of the dream is masculine in nature; in the dream the dreamer takes action, moves forward, gets what he is looking for and leaves.

The store in this dream is within the dreamer’s subconscious mind; it is his place of higher wisdom and all-knowing.  Having entered this place with full intention to perfectly match the color of two pens to the exact color he wants, the dreamer reveals his intention to honor/respect/serve himself; he is committed to doing things his way this time.

The dreamer is ready to rewrite and change the details of his life in order to acquire what he wants.   He is trying to find more satisfaction and better balance in life perhaps by moving away from an issue that has caused him conflict in the past, or by embracing a new idea or beginning a new relationship, or choosing to accept a new challenge.

He has many options for how best to accomplish this task and has already chosen one.

It is important to him at this time in his life to maintain a certain level of mindfulness concerning his fundamental foundations.  For the dreamer this change is not a lateral move but an evolutionary shift in the nature or philosophy of his life, and his dream reflects his confidence in the matter.

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Why dreaming is important, part 1


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Our hearts beat; our lungs expand and contract, our stomachs process foods we eat. Our eyes blink, lubricate and react to emotion, darkness and light. Our kidneys and colons process and eliminate wastes. The body is genetically programmed to operate in ways that ensure balance. Dreaming is an essential element in that process; it is an unavoidable way for the subconscious mind to get our attention when attention is needed. Dreams link subconscious proficiency to conscious experience.
When body systems fail to function properly, we get sick. If the brain sends scrambled messages to an organ, it will malfunction. If we are born with poorly developed or damaged components, we exhibit various levels of inability to function at optimal levels. When we ignore our dreams we are ignoring messages our bodies have deliberately sent to educate, alert and synchronize our physical bodies with the rhythms and currents of the external world in which we live.
Dream messages are crucial.

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None of us is simply a body or a brain; we are multilayered, multidimensional human beings with subtle and overt energies. For the most part, medicine divides man into two categories: physical and mental. The church goes further by acknowledging the mind, body and soul.
Being a registered nurse I have faced both the positive and negative sides of medicine and its community; but because I am a deeply spiritual woman I have learned to look pass staples of science and religion, finding my own way to incorporate personal beliefs into the gear and pulley system of my everyday life.
When I was 23 I survived a catastrophic automobile accident, but not before experiencing clinical death. I’m not sure if it was the search for answers to the journey I took during the time doctors worked to save me that awakened innate senses and instincts that had, perhaps, been locked inside my practical life or if in deed, near death itself gifted the new awareness that was pivotal. None-the-less, my focus shifted dramatically sending my mind down rabbit holes I had never even noticed before, let alone explored.

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In my search for personal truth, I have discovered the depths of the two aspects of all living things, the external world and a very powerful internal realm. When I learned to trust and heed knowledge I gained from internal energies, I was able to directly impact the external realities in which I live. Without that balance, I often felt I had little or no control over events in my life, when actually I had merely failed to recognize and employ inner strength in response to them.

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Paying attention to and understanding your dreams is an aspect of deeply knowing yourself. We all have the ability to recognize dream symbols and the quirky tales they weave as we sleep, but most of us have forgotten how to access or interpret that knowledge. We live in a world of instant-ness; everything is set in fast-forward. Reconnecting or awakening inner terrain is always a process, it is the elevation and evolution of thought and always takes time and patience.
Cultural trends have dulled our sense of inter-connected-ness with others. But its effect has wounded us on even deeper levels. While it is true there is deep satisfaction in having a rich spiritual life, it is a fundamentally necessity to develop and utilize internal wisdom. Learning how to interpret our dreams is a way of doing that. In my next few posts I will share with you a bit of my inner journey, and suggest a few ways you can use your dreams to navigate life.

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