shares my  inner most dreams and the creative processes I use to keep growing intellectually, spiritually and emotionally while living a small life in small town Texas.  Contented, I fight the temptations of growing complacent and always trying to be sweet Southern nice. There are unwritten rules in the South, especially for women.  I acknowledge them and move on.  I am a native Texan and very proud of it.  Growing up here I’ve had the privilege of knowing for a fact we are a little bit different than some people, and a great deal different than others; because of that, I fit well in Texas but can’t say I actually blend.  My health isn’t great but my mind is strong as a bear trap.  I am a realist who dreams.  My faith isn’t necessarily kosher but is unshakeable. I believe in family and love, loyalty, good fabric, locally grown produce, ghosts and the unconditional love and trusting nature of animals.  I hope to be entertaining but need to know I’m doing my best to leave a trace in the shrinking world we share.

happy faceauntbeamephoto




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