Dreams part 2


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For years I had a dream interpretation site online.  It was wonderful work and fascinating too, but was a real investment in time.  I was interpreting about 600 dreams a month when I finally took the site down; it had grown so time consuming there wasn’t time left to pursue other life passions.

I never charged anyone for reading a dream.  My service was always completely free; and I never tried to sell anything either.  The service I offered was not about profit.

Before my near death experience I was sensitive to the emotions of others, maybe too much so for my own good since I didn’t know how to channel their pain, often absorbing it like a sponge, but other than that, I was not very intuitive.  I spent a great deal of time after the wreck recovering in the hospital, over two months, followed by a long rehabilitative period.  Doctors didn’t give me a clean bill of health from initial injuries sustained in the crash for two years, and even then there was one additional surgery required.

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Given the near death experience and everything that happened as I left my body traveling past everything I had ever seen or known, and the amount of time I needed to heal, I decided I’d be best served trying to understand the seemingly inexplicable events I had experienced.  But even in the early days of exploration I became aware that something inside me had changed.

I began dreaming differently than I had before; it was more like watching a movie.  I never recognized any of the people, and actually felt whatever emotions they were experiencing during the dream.  The worst part was the dreams were always disturbing on one level or another; and they began coming in sets of three on consecutive nights.  The morning of the fourth day, having not had the same dream the night before as I had on the three previous nights, I would read, hear, or see in the news, events that perfectly reflected what I had dreamed.

It was shocking and unnerving; imagine seeing tragedy before it strikes and not be able to do anything about it.  And when I shared with others in quiet desperation what I knew was to come, they were uncomfortable, eventually pulling away from my life.  It was a terrible puzzle: why had I come back with an ability that alienated me from others, filled me with horror and served no apparent good purpose?

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It took years to come to terms with it all, and to learn when it is possible to intervene in dream scenarios, and also to accept when it is not.  My involvement in the realm of dreaming expanded and developed through the next twenty years as I learned to re-channel the focus of the dreams themselves, eventually finding comfort in the fact that by being able to understand dream symbols in relation to individual dreamers, some of the tragedy I foresaw might be avoided by sharing what I discovered with the one who dreamed it, and by encouraging him to apply his dream message to waking life.

That’s what led to my internet dream interpretation activities.

I don’t teach people how to figure out what their dreams mean, but in the past I guided those who asked for suggestions; that’s why I’ve decided to share a few of the basics on this blog site.

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Anything I  suggest over the next few blogs aren’t science; they’re simply my experience.

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  1. Amazing what life throws at us and what we do with it. I have always had vivid dreams, rarely nightmares, but all I have left in the morning is the feeling from the dream. Not really the situation. You had the feeling and the memories. I am looking forward to your sharing.

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