Not doing dishes, ladies, but up to my hips in yucky stuff..


I’ve been away for much longer than I intended.  This blog is my happy place, and I’ve missed it like crazy; but crazy is a pretty good word for describing what’s been going on in my life lately.  I haven’t been washing dishes for a couple of months, though I really wouldn’t have minded doing so.

Even for perky homemakers, every day isn’t particularly bright, and I’ve found myself living in a lot of gray space these past few months.

If I thought nailing a raw pork chop to my front door might keep evil spirits away, believe me, I would have done it, and the flies would be buzzing by the dozens by now.  But currently my front door is surprisingly bare and ahh-errr, shall we say, unkempt.  No long sad story on this site, but for anyone whose curiosity is getting the best of her, I suggest you visit my heavy-sided blog for a full explanation.

Until the water calms at my cabin, keep being beautifully yourself, and smile, and love, love really hard, and never look back.

entrance exit staircase poise


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  1. Aunt Bea had to take a vacation now and then, too. We just didn’t see her do it. But she was a woman and she was strong and had that bit of magic inside of her too, just like you. She’s probably off testing recipes for a cook off somewhere, along with one of my old time egos, Candy. (loved that name when I was young!)


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