Flour Power-VS-the World!


This is one of those days!  It’s like paying the last lay-away payment on a dog house, only to get the thing home just in time to find out that Fido ran away!  Today has been a see-saw of good and bad news, almost enough to make Aunt Bea throw her chubby floured hands up in the air, spin on her stocky little black leather granny heels, and stomp off  to the Piggly Wiggly for a sack of TV dinners!

Almost, but not quite.

Yesterday the doctor took Rich off one of his diabetes medicines.  He thought it was because he was making better food choices, and was near giddy with delight until Doc told him the reason he was dropping the drug, was because the research is showing  it’s causing prostate cancer!

BAM! Giddy broken!

After that news, we may have started the day on a downer, but the phone rang early in the morning, and it was Doc, again, with the results of Rich’s labs.  All his numbers were really, really good and some so good, Doc dropped another med because he doesn’t think Rich needs it anymore!

BAM!  We’re back on top again!

Rich goes to work; Charlie comes up and he and I spend the next two hours talking food.  Cooking is his hobby, and on his days off, Morgan comes home to a real feast.

In the summer, Morgan works two jobs, so today, at lunch, in between the two, she decided to come home to eat.  I’d saved her some of  the Nut-Crusted Cod I’d prepared last night, (another adventure in healthy eating by way of Marlene Koch’s Eat More of what you Love, that wonderful cookbook gift from my daughter, Billie, Morgan’s mother.)

Morgan moaned so loudly with pleasure as she ate, Charlie was forced to pick up a fork and see what all the fuss was about!  When he started moaning too, it was too much for me to bear, so I just left the room.

That’s when my cell went off.  It was my youngest daughter, Crissy.  Crissy is married to super hero Chris; they live in a canyon in Amarillo with their four kids. To say Chris is an over-achiever is like saying I’m a little interested in cooking; the man needs a cape!

Crissy is a hero too!  She’s today’s version of Pioneer, Earth Mother.  I love and admire both of these kids, and of course, their children; so when Crissy called to say her oldest is having a problem, the bottom falls out from under my feet.  BAM!  I’m down again!

I take a little time out, sit on the deck in the breeze, and get a little philosophical wondering what I can do to help.  A bunch of bells and whistles go off in my head, and I write to my daughter.  (When stuff isn’t going well, Crissy would rather write and skip conversation.  She’s as emotional as me, and get us going, and we’re like a house on fire.)  So, out of respect, I write, and thanks to email, ten minutes later, I hear back from her, and we both felt a little better.  So, BAM!  I’m UP again!

Then Rich telephones to say he won’t be bringing the new range hood we’d been eyeing in Sears home today.  Because the lady in front of him in line, bought the last one!

BAM!  Lower than preverbal snake’s belly.

Once my Aunt Jeanne said my life reminded her of a soap opera, “All the Craze of my Life”, she said.  Maybe she got it right.

Okay: tonight’s foray into culinary erotica… probably not…Tonight’s foray into culinary experimentation…much more likely…Dessert!  Heavenly Pumpkin Spice Cake coming in at 115 calories a slice, (2 carbs, 1 ½ Carb choice on the Food Exchange), and 2 plus Weight Watcher comparison points!

another kitchen failure

Aunt Bea’s Pearl for exasperating days:  Put on some lipstick, grab a bright apron, and bake!






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  1. You are making me drool. Where’s the recipe for the pumpkin cake?

    Speaking of roller coasters – my day was a bit the same. One more rejection – one more job interview scheduled. What’s it about life that it’s like that?

    By the way, I LOVED….”almost enough to make Aunt Bea throw her chubby floured hands up in the air, spin on her stocky little black leather granny heels, and stomp off to the Piggly Wiggly for a sack of TV dinners!” Brought a smile to my face and made me laugh. Thank you!!


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